Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nails of the Day #3- Mermaids!

My philosophy on buying nail polish is that if it reminds me of mermaid scales, then I have to buy it. When other little girls were off pretending to be princesses, I was pretending I was a mermaid under the sea. I guess I never really got over it, because I still love mermaids. Something was triggered when I saw this color by Sinful Colors. It was something I would have never found if my local gorcery store wasn't having a sale. The little fish was just a little addition because I didn't want to do homework. All that was used was a toothpick to drag out the nail polish.

I thought you guys wanted a picture of the fish without the giant glare. Let me know if you guys want pictures showing you step by step what I do to make the little pictures.

What should I name the fish? I have one on each thumb.

This is the first nail art that I actually created myself! No youtube tutorial needed!

Colors Used
-Snow me white
-Island Coral
-Clear Coat
All by Sinful Colors

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