Monday, February 11, 2013

The Little Things Make Me Happy

No matter what, I think that the little things make up for what makes you happy. I mean, those big moments like graduating high school or getting married are great, but what about the moments in between? No one can sit waiting for the next big milestone to be happy. My life is only small pleasures right now since I'm not graduating anytime soon, or getting married for that matter. I wanted to make a list of small things that make me happy. There are many other things than just this. Most of them can't be put into pictures. Anyway, here we go.

Food! This needs no explanation.

Hiking in the woods. It's always so peaceful and I feel energized after I exercise. Especially when I go with a friend. We get to goof off and we hardly see anyone on the way. I actually had to lay on my stomach to take this picture. It was an awkward moment when a jogger just happened to pass by. Oh, well! My friend was also sprawled on the concrete, too, so it wasn't all that embarrassing.

I love the feeling of clean, fresh brushes. It's so much better for your skin.

Funny faces! In all of my family photos, I think at least one of us is making some kind of distorted face. We're not very serious.

I think we all love those no make up moments. I like my blonde eyelash moments just as much. I'm not one of those girls that won't leave the house without all of her makeup. Sometimes concealer and power is fine with me. I actually don't mind my blonde eyelashes and eyebrows. It proves I'm a natural blonde!

Homemade gifts are the best. This key chain was made by my friend for Christmas one year and it fit me perfectly. My family nickname is Sonya Bunny. Why? I have no clue, neither does anyone else. And he's blonde, too! But my eyes are green, not blue. But I guess he needs a little bit of his own personality, right?

I get so excited when pictures come out perfectly with my crappy camera. Usually, it's all blurry or has something wrong with it. Those few moments when it really helps me out make me happy.

I think my cats are the funniest things in the world. The black one's name is Jack. Get it? Black Jack, Jack Black? No? Okay. Anyway, the orange and white one's name is Milo. We named him after the cat in Milo and Otis. We had no idea that they would like each other when we got them. They were both farm cats. Milo suffered through the years when my siblings and I were younger. We thought a kitten was the best thing we could ever have and definitely showed him. We would carry him everywhere and hold him in awkward positions. Now he's probably the most tolerant cat I've ever know. He even let my older sister and I wrap him in wrapping paper last Christmas, that's what's in the picture on the right. Jack doesn't really like anyone except me. He's one of those cats that are very vocal. He will talk about everything and anything. Sometimes, it feels like he's having a conversation with you

I always get fun coffee mugs as gifts. I don't know how you can be sad or cranky while holding a mustache mug. Sometimes, my little sister likes to come home with trinkets that were on sale and give them out as random presents. That's how I came to have the penguin and the mustache mug. The pirate one is from this run down tourist trap in Northern Minnesota what sold shells, star fish, and ocean novelties. My dad would always promise us a small present if we went to on one of his motocross weekends. We would all be packed into the camper for two days. Needless to say, we weren't happy to be there.

The last thing instantly makes me smile. It's this solar powered flower that dances when the sun hits it. It's just too cute, I love it. It's nice to see when I come back from a long day at school.

Well, there you go. I think this is the first post that I actually had pictures of myself in it. It took me a while to search around the house for small things and take nice pictures of them. I hope you like it!

What little things make you happy?

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