Monday, February 4, 2013

Nail of the Day #2-Valentine's Edition!

Lighting is soo bad!

This week's nails came to you early so you can have a chance to do this for yourself for Valentine's day. I found countless numbers of tutorials on how to get these rose nails, the one I learned it was from bubzbeauty on youtube. Easy Vintage Floral Nails

I didn't want to totally copy her nails, so I put the roses on a clear nude shade. Fly Away by Sally Hanson is probably my favorite.

For the roses, I wanted to stay mainly on the tips and have a different number and sizes on each finger. After I started them, I realized how cool it would be if they were also different shades, too. But anyway, I didn't have a soft pick, so I mixed Sinful Color's Island Coral and Snow Me White in the bottom of a paper cup that I cut the edges off of. It's better than wrecking any on my plates in case I couldn't get it out.

For the leaves, I used Happy Ending, also by Sinful Colors

To seal it all in, I added a clear coat, and you guessed it, it's by Sinful Colors. They were having a sale, okay?!

Doing it on the opposite hand is difficult, but not impossible! XD


  1. This looks GORGOEUS! Great job at a recreation! I saw Bubz's tutorial too and tried to recreate but it was super hard for me and it didn't' turn out well!

    1. Thank you! I actually ended up taking this polish off and redoing it with a french tip under the roses. It looked so much better! Don't worry, this was probably my third time trying to them. It just takes practice!