Thursday, May 16, 2013

Product Review: Etude House Pink Powder Spot Treatment

Hello everyone! I just got done with the biggest test I have ever taken. I'm just so glad it's over with and I can relax again. And of course, with the added stress, I got a few new breakouts. It's a good thing I had my Etude House Pink Powder Spot treatment in the sample size. Are you guys sick of my Etude House reviews yet? Don't worry, I'll get some reviews from different brands soon.

Sorry for the weird shine

First of all, this sample in the picture is on it's last limb. Usually, the powder will sink to the bottom and there will be this clear solution floating on the top. You want to use a q-tip and pick up the powder in the bottom and apply it to the blemish and leave it on overnight. Try really hard not to shake it because you need to have  the powder separate from the solution. I was a little set off when I heard this, it kind of reminded me of a science lab experiment in some odd way.

For my skin, this significantly shrinks the blemish and reduces the redness. In a few days, it's completely gone. But I did experience some peeling if I used it on one specific area too much, but I just exfoliated that away. It didn't feel irritated or anything like that.

-Extremely effective
-Works really fast

-Not available in US
-Description was kinda scary
-Slight peeling

Overall, this worked ten times better than my dermatologist-prescribed cream! I will have to order a full size product of this ASAP. Very glad I got to try it in sample form before I got it.


  1. Wow this sounds so good! Does it reduce redness on your face or just the blemish??

    Thanks for the review Sonya! (:

    1. It only reduces the redness of the blemish. It doesn't really do anything for redness on your face. :(