Friday, February 1, 2013

Nails of the Day #1- Red and Gold

Don't mind the wrinkled hands, it was cold outside
I don't know if whether it's this color or that I realized Chinese New Year is coming up that made me do this. I used this firey orange-red color all over my nail and gold glitter around the cuticle. Using a small wadded up ball of saran wrap, I dabbed the gold to make that fading effect. I got that tip from Michelle Phan from her lace impression nail video. That girl is a genius, just saying.

 Today at school I got a few compliments on them. They look better in different lighting, but worse in others. I would suggest using a red glitter polish instead of using a regular shiny one. Unless you like the was mine look in the picture. Personally, I think I messed up on my thumb, but oh well, the picture's already up.

I think I will continue doing these posts, but I don't promise they will pop up every week. I'll try, that's for sure.

Products I used
Red-orange Polish
Gold Glitter Polish

Tips from
Michelle Phan's Video

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