Thursday, June 27, 2013

Product Review: Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser

Hey cuties! First of all, I want to thank everyone who refollowed me via Bloglovin. It's kinda disappointing because I was soo excited and thankful to get up to 50 followers. . . and then GFC has to close down. Bloglovin is a nice website, but I hate loosing any of you guys. :(

Anyway, let's get onto the review! I thought I accidentally dropped this into the garbage and took it out to the dumpster, but no! It was hiding in the mess that I call my bathroom drawer.

This isn't a full sized product since I got it in a kit that had Etude House Red Spot Balm. It's perfect for trips and it's still going to last for a while since a little goes a long way.

The formula is sort of dense compared to other cleansers I have used, but once you add water and massage it into your skin, it lathers up really nicely. You don't need a lot because you when using this because when lathered, it's really easy to spread to other places on your face.

What I like about this cleanser is that I can feel it penetrating deep into my pores and cleaning out all the dirt and oil. It soaks into my skin and it washes off without any residue. After using this, I do feel my skin get tight and dry. That's not something that's unusual for me and it's fine after I put on my moisturizer.

-Great for traveling
-Cleans deep into pores
-Easy to spread

-Can be drying

Let me know if you have anything from Etude House's AC line because I would like to look more into it, once I have more money. And what do you guys this of some hair tutorials? I have a couple in mind but don't know if anyone would care. See you next time! XD

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bloglovin Announcment

Hey cuties! As you can see by the title, I now have a bloglovin account since GFC isn't going to last for a while. I've been refollowing all the blogs I follow with GFC with bloglovin lately. So, if you still want to be updated with my blog after GFC goes under, that click the little bloglovin widget in the side bar. It'll be greatly appreciated! XD

How I've been clearing up acne and acne scars.

Hey cuties! Finding the right skincare sort of a trial and error system. And since I've had acne and researched remedies, I think it's time to share what I found out what works for me. And since every one's skin is different, I don't know if this will work for you, but here's some things that you can try out.


1. Don't stress over it
-This is probably the hardest thing I learned to do when dealing with my acne. I hated to look at them in the mirror and it ultimately made me feel worse. Confidence is sexier than clear skin. I know that now and I try to live up to it.

2. Know the skin you have
-Different cleansers and regiments might work best for a certain skin types. If you have dry skin, you don't want to be using a product that was meant for oily skin. It makes it a whole lot easier finding a product that might suit you.

3. Moisturize
-This might be old news for almost all of you, but I used to think that since I have oily skin, I shouldn't moisturize because it will make it oilier. No! My skin was overcompensating for the natural oils that were lost when I was just cleansing. Now that I moisturize after I wash my face, my skin is less oily and it's easier to control.

4. Talk to a dermatologist.
-I went to my dermatologist after I was fed up with my acne scars. Though it didn't help me much with my scars, my prescription has been preventing new breakouts and when I do breakout, it's smaller and easier to get rid of.

5.Don't touch it!
-I admit, I used to always pop my pimples. But that penetrated the bacteria deeper into my skin and spread it out. That's why another blemish will pop up close to the original one. I also stopped touching my face as much as possible so the oil and bacteria on my hands won't get into my skin.

7. Exfoliate
-I found that this worked best on my acne scars. Once you buff away all the dead skin cells, clean, fresh skin cells take its place.  Make sure not to overdo it will the face scrubs, because it can be harsh on your skin. Only twice a week is recommended because your skin needs time to grow more cells.

8. Watch how you treat your body
-I noticed a big difference in my skin when I started to eat healthier and work out. I've also been drinking a lot of water and it's helped my skin even out and I breakout less often. Some people say it's a myth but I say beauty starts from the inside.


So far I think I've found out what my skin works best with and will continue to work on my acne scars. Grrr, they never go away! But honestly, it took me a while to get comfortable with my skin. I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same way. This post took a lot of thought so I hope you liked it. XD

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Liebster Award Take #4

Hey cuties! The beautiful Yomi from Gwiyomi Style nominated me for the Leibster Award! Thank you so much for this nomination!

The Rules:
1. You must link back the person who nominated you.
2. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3. You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.
4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. You must go to their blogs and notify you nominees.

Yomi's Questions
1. How do you feel about being nominated?
-Really thankful! I'm glad that my little blog get noticed sometimes even though it's not very eye-catching right now.
2. If you could pick one product for you makeup, which one would you pick? Why?
-Concealer, because I have really stubborn acne scars (post about that coming soon) and these dark circles that never go away no matter what I do to them.
3. Why did you start this blog?
-I wanted a way to share the things I like with people who have the same interests as I do. Sometimes my friends and I aren't into the same things (like makeup and beauty).
4. Do you have any future plans for your blog?
-I plan on working on the layout and theme to make it prettier. I'm not good with technology but I'm going to figure it out sooner or later.
5. What is you favorite phrase?
-I answered this question in another Leibster Award, but it's "Let us never underestimate the power of a well-written letter." -Jane Austen. My grandparents met because my grandfather accidentally got letters from my grandmother written to another man. My grandparents started to write back and forth and the rest is history.
6. What do you hate hearing from other?
-I get really annoyed when people smack their lips when they chew gum. That sound makes me cringe.
7. What is your favorite scent?
-Anything that smells like mangoes, lavender, or flowers.
8. Who is your favorite blogger, that you visit regularly?
-I don't really have a specific favorite blogger, but I like it when bloggers reply to comments and comment on other people's pages. It's more like a conversation between friends than saying "here's what I put on my face, read about it".
9. Do you have animals? Tell us about your pets. If you don't have any, what is your favorite animal?
-I have two cats and my mom's and one cat at my dad's. My sister also has geckos and a fish but I don't count those as mine. Oh, and my mom has two rats.
The cats at my mom's, Milo (orange) and Jackie (black)
10. Why did you choose that name for your blog?
-Because I'm 5'2" (hence the "Itty Bitty") and this was supposed to be a book blog, like book bindings. But now it's like every subject in my life all bound up in one blog. 

My questions:
1. How long does it usually take you to get ready in the morning? What do you spend the most time on?
2. What was the last book you read and how was it?
3. Name your top 3 favorite songs.
4. What is one type of makeup (blush, foundation, mascara, etc.) can't you live without?
5. Is your room usually clean or dirty?
6. If you had to become an animal, which one would you pick? Why?
7. What is your favorite thing to do in summer?
8. What did you want to be when you were younger?
9. All time favorite movie?
10. When you have extra money, what is the first thing you buy?

My Nominees:
1. Anna
2. Jenny
3. Superwomanchick
4. Alisa
5. Miss Ehara
6. Yukari
7. Phailee Panda
8. Changelz
9. Ginny Hana
10. Naomi

Monday, June 17, 2013

Update: Minnesota and South Dakota Adventures Part 2

Hello cuties! My brain is now working since I got some sleep in my own bed, opposed to an old mattress in a cabin. Traveling is really fun but there's nothing like home. These photos were stolen from my Dad. He was a really nice Nikon and I have my crappy one. :( The pictures in Part 1 were taken by me.

Going to Mt. Rushmore is probably the most patriotic thing I have ever done. It's amazing in how much detail is in that thing. They included part of George Washington's clothes and Teddy Roosevelt's glasses. We got to learn all about it in a movie they played. The whole time I was picturing The Lion King because the narrator was to voice of Mufasa.

There's little ole me. We went there later in the day because we heard they put on a light show at night. It gets dark in South Dakota really quickly so that's why it's still light in this picture. I had extra time to get ready that morning so I did my hair in deep waves. And hopefully this is the last picture you will see me with my extremely white skin! Being out in the sun during this trip helped me out with getting a tan and I'm about one and a half shade darker (maybe two?)

My little sister is obsessed with anything with scales, she already owns two geckos that live in tanks. The Reptile Gardens was her favorite stop. They had a lot of demonstrations (we watched the one on how to wrestle a gator) and there was this greenhouse-type-thing that you could walk around with lizards and tropical birds that roamed free.

The rest of the time was spent shopping in tourist traps. I got some sweat pants, a Mt. Rushmore tank top, and a necklace with a crystal on it. There are a lot of attractions that revolve around the Wild West. I wouldn't think that South Dakota held a lot of cowboys, but I guess I was wrong. We went to a 1880's themed town where we got to see actual prop from the movie Dances With Wolves. There is also a place called Wall Drug, which is like a whole town dedicated to the Wild West. There were literally hundreds of signs for it, like one every half mile. My favorite one said Free Ice Water on it. Okay, that will make me stop. Free water. . . 

Well, I think that this is the end of my road trip spree for a while. I didn't expect it to be as pretty as it was. If you do get a chance to go, I would suggest it. But maybe not the little-know cafe's. We didn't have much luck at getting good food. I would say stick to the major chain restaurants. Anyway, see you guys later! Maybe I'll have a review up soon?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Update: Minnesota and South Dakota Adventures Part 1

Hello cuties! I feel so bad that I neglected posting for a while. Maybe this post will clear some things up. I went to South Dakota with my family and there wasn't wifi where I could update regularly. Since there's nothing beauty related, I thought you would like some pictures.


 My friend and I went on a few hikes in our local county park and it was so picturesque that I had to take my camera with me. It's still rainy and stormy here so it makes everything all mossy and really green.

South Dakota

On to South Dakota! Our first stop that was actually blog-worthy was the Bad Lands. Now that I have been to some sort of desert twice (I went to Palm Springs a few years ago) I've realized that I prefer desert to forest. My dad disagrees with me, but how can you not like it? It was so pretty!

My descriptions aren't the best right now because I'm a little brain dead after the 13 hour drive back. I wrote this post as soon as I got home because I felt bad about leaving you guys for a while. :( Hopefully, I won't disappear again.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sorry I'm a bad boy ;)

 Hello cuties! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! My family is planning a lot of road trips lately so there isn't much time to try out new products and blog about them. But, I just got home from a four hour drive (hence why I'm only wearing jeans and a t-shirt) and found a package at my doorstep. It turned out to be the hat I ordered from Amazon! Do you recognize it?

If you guys read my Liebster Awards, then you'd know that I love Big Bang and this hat is a replica of the one that G-Dragon wore in the Bad Boy music video. Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby are the songs that originally got me into kpop. I remember freaking out about my driver's test and the only thing that could calm my nerves were those two songs. And you know what, I passed on the first try! 

This could not have come at a more convenient time. My hair is in an awkward stage right now and it really needs to be cut. Plus, when I nap in the car, it looks a little flat on the side I was sleeping on. There's nothing a hat can't fix!

Speaking of kpop, have you guys seen the dance version of Wonder Boyz song Tarzan? I'm addicted to it! I wasn't amazed by the drama version, but the dance version got me hooked. I know Martina from Eat Your Kimchi loves it, too and I trust her judgement. ;)

If you guys want to know where to get it, the link is here. What do you think? See you later! XD

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Product Review: Say Yes to Grapefruit Moisturizer

Hello cuties! It seems like forever since I did a product review. I haven't had a lot of time or money to go shopping. Recently, I revisited the Say Yes to Grapefruit Moisturizer and now I have a review!

I've used the Say Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer and loved it, it was so light and really helped my skin. The grapefruit one is supposed to help correct color and it even has a little blurb about lightening dark spots. And as you guys know, I have extremely stubborn acne scars that just won't come off my face.

The consistency is very light, not greasy, and soaks into the skin nicely especially if you use a clay mask or exfoliate right before. It can make you look a little ghostly if you use a little too much at a time since it is a white color. 

It does have a strong scent when you put it on, but it does fade away within a few minutes. I'm not sure if this is a natural scent or a perfume, but it does say that it's a 97% natural product. I, personally, find that natural products work well with my skin. Sometimes all the chemicals make it look a little lifeless. I do not have that problem with this product. This isn't as moisturizing as I would like it to be. It takes a couple layers to get it to be where I want it to be. That was a little disappointing, I wanted a moisturizer that will moisturize.

As for the correcting, I did see an improvement in the discoloration in my skin. It is a lot less red and it's a lot more even now that I've been using this. I'm not sure if I've seen any improvements in my dark spots, but like I said before, they don't want to go away. 

Overall, I have loved the moisturizers from the Say Yes line. I've tried other ones and nothing has compared to them. I haven't tried the carrot one but that might be my next purchase or I might be a repurchase of the Say Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer.

-Evens out my skin tone
-97% natural product
-Soaks in nicely
-Not greasy
-Available in drug stores

-Strong scent
-Not as moisturizing as I like
-Can look a little white on skin

I would say, if you're looking into the Say Yes line, go for the Tomatoes. This one is nice, I just think the Tomatoes one does the same thing but it's more moisturizing.