Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Study Habits

I think I can classify myself as only half of a procrastinator. Usually, I will get the assignments that are done online right when I get home from school. That way my siblings and I fight over the computer less. Any assignment that requires a text book is left until it's time to go to bed or early in the morning. My school starts pretty late so I have quite a while to get things done.

The reason I'm posting this is because studying for tests broke my daily post streak! It seems like I'm getting four tests a week for the past three weeks. Not to mention that everyone, including myself, is getting sick. Is this happening anywhere else? Over here in the Midwest, we've been hit with a lot of snow and low wind chills. And being Minnesotan, we'll still go out even if it's below zero. Like a few weeks ago, a friend and I spent the day going thrifting and going out to lunch when it was -10°F.

Anyway, I guess the significance of this post is going to be that sometimes school takes away my hobbies and social life for a while and I wont be able to post every day.

P.S. Looking for Alaska book review will come really soon.

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