Friday, March 6, 2015

Almost Spring Fashion Finds

Hello everyone! After a long-ass winter, the sun is shining and I feel like I can actually go out of the house! Let's just hope that I didn't jinx myself by saying that. But recently, I've been really into re-vamping my wardrobe because I've been in a fashion rut. So, that means shopping, hehe. So here's some of the gems that I found!

I was dead-set in getting a watch with a map in-bedded onto the face from Urban Outfitters, but I found one that looks exactly the same at Target for half the price! I was sooo happy when I found it and said screw it, I'm just getting it, even though I wasn't supposed to be spending money at the moment. Who needs gas when you could have a gorgeous watch, right? But no, I just didn't spend any money the next week so it evened out. I'm good with my money, I swear!

Forever21 has been on point lately because I found this adorable, micro-floral crop top on this bright red base. I think that once I get darker in the summer, this will look a whole lot better but it's still really cute. Even though it's still a little chilly where I live, I can just pair this with a slouch cream cardigan (which is actually in the photo below, haha) and it can still work. Also from Forever21, I found some high-waisted jeans! I hate jean shopping, but these fit great and they weren't ridiculously expensive. I got mine in a nice indigo color that goes with everything.

Okay, this cardigan has saved my winter wardrobe because it can make every outfit look cozy and chic. It's from Kohl's, which isn't a store that I go into very often but I was returning a gift and I got this instead and I wear it almost everyday! I love it. And this blue floral crop top is thrifted, but it's by Forever21. And as for the crystal necklace is actually from my mom, who got it at a touristy shop in Washington about 20 years ago. So it's been through the works a few times but it's still looks fantastic.

Aaand, I bought the same cardigan in a different color, because that's how much I love it! Remember in my Yesstyle Haul I said that I've been obsessed with lace tank tops? Well, I found this one at Target wedged into one of the sale racks for only about $10. I liked how there is a portion at the bottom where the eyelets in lace shows through. It looks very interesting if you wear bottoms and it makes it look kind of like a crop top without actually being a crop top. You know what I mean?

What do you guys like to wear in spring? What should I keep a look out for? See you next time! XD


  1. You hair looks so pretty curled! Love that white lace shirt and your watch.

    Raincouver Beauty

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