Friday, February 22, 2013

Nails of the Day #4: I've Been Reading Too Much/Gradient

So, I finally got some foam makeup sponges. That is the only tool I used to make this nail look. I thought it was perfect for a dragon, if one was living among us. Sorry, I just got done reading a dragon book and now I'm on a fantasy kick. All I want to read about is magical creatures. If I was one, I would have these nails, permanently! Warning, it does get all over the sides of your nails. But that's nothing a shower can't fix.

Polishes Used

How to do it
1. I took my yellow nail polish and lightly dabbed it onto my nail using the make up sponge. You want to pat vertically more in the places that so the color slowly disappears. Make the area close to your cuticle more transparent than other parts. The tip doesn't need to be perfect, you are just going to go over it with another color. Just make the place where you know is going the yellow is going to be showing through. This can take a couple layers for it to show up.

2. Wait for the yellow to dry completely

3. With an orange color, you want to paint your nail like the picture below with a light layer. Then dab away like the first step. You might want to do this more lightly because it might take away some of the yellow and leave you with a "bald spot", so to speak. Again, make it more transperent near the cuticle and darker as you get closer to the tips. Wait for that to dry. If the nail polishes do eat away at each other, just reapply it. 
Here's an example of the "bald spot"

4. Put a red on the very tips and use the make up sponge again. Wait to dry.

5.  Go over it very lightly with a gold glitter polish. If you don't want glitter, skip this step.

6. Seal it all in with a clear nail polish to prevent chipping. It should make all the colors blend together, even if you didn't do such a good job. 


  1. A step by step would be really helpful, I adore this effect. It reminds me of rountree's lollies haha xo

    1. I just updated it. And it kind of does! XD