Sunday, May 26, 2013

Liebster Award Take #3

Hello everyone! I was nominated by the beautiful Misa to do the another Liebster Award! I think I say this every time I get nominated for anything, but I really am grateful that she thought of my little blog and I to do this. This award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
The Rules
1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2. Choose 11 bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post
3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. Each blogger should post 11 facts about themselves.
6. No tag-backs!

11 facts about me
1. I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen every year.
2. My uncle bought me a giant pirate flag for my birthday and we hung it up on our wall.
3. I'm currently in the process of growing my hair out extra extra long.
4. I've been really good about keeping up my healthy lifestyle and I've already lost 5 pounds!
5. When I draw, they're usually portraits of cute boys. ;)
6. I'm a daydreamer.
7. I don't have a nice camera. I wish I did, but I don't.
8. My favorite animal is a tiger.
9. If I could have lavender scented everything, I would.
10. I hate it when people have bad table manners.
11. I used to be in love with Tarzan when I was little.

1. Do you play musical instruments?
-Yes! I play clarinet and I'm hoping to pick up the guitar again this summer since I can't fit any more music classes into my scheduled.
2. What's your daily morning routine?
-I get up at the butt crack of dawn. Usually around 5:30 a.m. or 6 at the latest. I'm not a morning person but I've been turning into an early bird. It's usually because I need extra time to study. Then I shower, drink green tea, get ready, go to school, and study or do homework before class starts.
3. Your favorite song? 
-This is always the hardest question to answer. If you asked me a few months ago, I would have said Mr. Right by A Rocket to the Moon, but lately my friends got me addicted to kpop and some of those songs have already made it to my top 25 most played. Right now, I love B1A4's Beautiful Target and Baby Goodnight and there's no way my day can be complete without listening to Big Bang's Fantastic Baby.
4. What's your favorite lipstick?
-I actually don't own any lipsticks right now. It's kinda sad but I've been using Etude House's Shini Star lip balm in the grapefruit flavor (a.k.a. Jonghyun). It makes my lips a subtle choral color.
5. Do you have a phobia? What is it and why?
-Aliens! I watched one of those late-night paranormal shows when I was little and the alien episode made me so scared I cried myself to sleep.
6. What's your favorite TV show?
-I don't watch TV. I grew up with rabbit ears where we could only get about 6 channels because we couldn't afford cable or satellite. I guess it's a thing you have to be into at a young age.
7. What's the yuckiest food you ever tasted?
-Lutefisk, and no, not all Minnesotans like it! I've never met anyone who does. Fish should not be dipped in lye in any way, shape, or form!
8. What do you do when you're home alone?
-Blast kpop and dance around the house or workout. I don't like people watching me while I work out.
9. What's your favorite drug store?
-Target, they sell makeup for a cheaper price than the other drugstores.
9. Where would you like to travel if you had the chance?
-At this point, anywhere that's not in the Midwest. It's still cold here and it's almost summer.
10. Your dream hairstyle?
-Either perfect beach waves or a cute shoulder-length bob.
11. Who's your inspiration in blogging?
-My followers! I know that's a cheesy answer but it always makes my day when I see a new person who follows.

People I nominate
1. Chibi
2. PetitDerriere
3. Chee
4. Abbey
5. Rachel
6. Ivy
7. Charlotte
8. Hunny
9. Camilla
10. Firebrick
11. Jennifer

My Questions
1. Who's your celebrity crush?
2. What's your favorite genre of music?
3. If you had to describe yourself in only three words, what would they be?
4. What is your holy grail skin care product?
5. What is your favorite childhood memory and why?
6. Favorite junkfood?
7. Name some things off your summer wish-list.
8. Heels or flats?
9. Name three things you like in a bf/gf.
10. Would you rather be able to go back in time or into the future? Why?
11. Do you like warm or cool temperatures?


  1. OMG.. thank u so much for this
    i'm blogging it now :D

  2. Thank you Sonya ^^ I'll do a post on this sometime!
    I'm curious what a Lutefisk is! Sounds interesting haha

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  4. Replies
    1. They're fantastic! I got my friends hooked on them, too. ;)

  5. Thank you Sonya! You're a gem.
    "get up at the butt crack of dawn" hahaha love it =P

  6. Hi Sonya. Sonya Bunny is the cutest the world. I just said it like 3 times because it's so catchy. Haha.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway! I followed you back! :) Hopefully that put a smile on your face!!

    1. Haha, it's a family nickname but everyone still calls me it. And thank you! It did! XF

  7. Aww Sonya, this is such a cute liebster entry <3 I didn't know you like Kpop too ^^ Your day wouldn't be complete without blasting Fantasic baby <3 haha mine too! and I also love beach waves hair style :) And after reading your post I can find we have some things in common, but definitely not the early bird one. I'm still amazed you usually wake up so early like 5-6am... It's been years and years since I woke up that early haha.

    1. Thank you! Fantastic Baby is the #1 most played song on my ipod! I love it when I find people who love kpop. Not many people I know listen to it. And yeah, I never thought I would be able to get up so early, but it just keeps happening. ;)