Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Music!

Hello everyone! This is my first music post! I've mentioned that I play the clarinet but you guys don't know what kind of music that I listen to out of music class and carry along with me in my ipod. First of all, I listen to a wide range of music, like a little bit of everything. But something that really catches my attention is something happy with a steady beat. Music is like coffee to me, if I don't listen to it in the morning, you better run away because I will not be pleasant to be around.

My dad got me these amazing new ihome headphones!

Male Singers

Most the music I listen to is sung by guys. I don't know why, maybe it's because musicians are sexy. ;) I remember being younger and refusing to like a song that had a boy as the main vocals (girl power!). Oh, how things change. . .

Island In The Sun- Weezer. This is the kind of song that I associate with the beach, soaking up the sun. My friend said the same exact thing when she found it on my ipod.

Hey Mama- Mat Kearney. Just a cute love song that gets stuck in your head. I love the rhythm in the background that sounds like clapping. It just gives it a more organic feel.

Restless Heart-  Matt Hires. This a song that I picture playing in the car on a road trip. Again, it's a cute love song, but this one is a little bit bitter. A really great heart-breaker induced tragedy.

Live Like A Warrior- Matisyahu. As it gets warmer, I get more into reggae. Don't worry, it's not crazy reggae. This particular song is just very motivating. You know those songs that makes you forget about what people think about you? Yeah, it's one of those songs.

Female Singers

Only one this time. I told you I'm not really into female singers.

I Love It (I don't care)
- Icona Pop. My sister and I like to blast this in the car. Yep, we're those people. I don't really know why I like this song other than it's really fun.


You guys can thank my friends for this category. (If you guys ever find this, Hey! XD) I was recently introduced to B1A4 and I'm addicted! Their songs have been on repeat ever since.

Beautiful Target (Japanese Version)- B1A4. I don't know what it is about deep voices, but when I heard Baro, I knew I was going to love this group. In my opinion, the Japanese version of this song is better. The music video is more playful than the Korean version

What's Happening- B1A4. I found this music video because of Eat Your Kimchi. At first, I thought the Barbie and Ken masks were creepy, but the dancing kept me coming back.

Jeon Won Diary- T-Ara. Yes, they are a girl group, but they are one of the few exceptions. Another friend showed me the music video (the one where they're on a farm, not the dance version) and I thought it was catchy.

What do you guys think about kpop? Yay or nay?

Those are all the songs that I only recently listen to. I have a ton other songs that I absolutely adore but we don't have a lifetime to talk about it. Hope you guys liked this! Should I continue to do these posts every once in a while? What kind of music to you listen to?

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