Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Product Review: Etude House Red Spot Balm

Hello everyone! I know I've been reviewing a lot of Etude House products lately, but I bought a lot in my Etude House Haul a while ago and I've been trying to space out reviews so I can still have constant updates until I get a job and buy more products. I'm going to start applying this weekend and hopefully I can get something fast.

Let's get started on the review, shall we?

First of all, let me say that I have suffered from acne scars throughout adolescence. The acne itself is not a problem for me, a single zit usually goes away in about a week. What does get me are the dark spots that are left behind. Even though the pimple will be gone for months, the pigmentation will still be there, making me look like I still have that pimple. I've gone to my dermatologist about it, but like everyone else, they think it's acne, even though I specifically said acne scars. My prescriptions have not been working for my spots and so I got the Etude House Red Spot Balm to see if this will work because Asian products usually work really well with my skin.

First of all, this product comes in a little jar, which I'm not a fan of. They do supply you with a little spatula that you can use if you keep track of it. I loose things easily so I have to dig the balm out with my fingers.

Here's what it looks like. Basically, it is just a white balm. It is a little heavy and it does not spread well. You kind of have to pack it on your face. It doesn't really soak into your skin, it just sits there. If you touch it, it will come off in your hands. That is something I'm not a fan of, I like products that seep into my skin nicely.

The thing is, this is probably the only product that I have found that helped fade my acne scars faster. I've been using this a little less than two weeks and I've already seen improvement. I've used a could dark spot faders before and they didn't do crap. The fact that it's been fading the spots I've had on my face for six months makes me forget about how it feels on my skin.

-Fades stubborn acne scars!
-Comes with a spatula

-Not easy to spread
-Doesn't soak into skin
-Comes off if you rub it
-Have to use your fingers

If you are like me and you're frustrated with red spots, then I do suggest this product. If you don't need it, then I wouldn't. Because of it's effectiveness, I am able to look past it's cons and use it daily.

What do you guys think? Would you still use it?


  1. I didn't know Etude house has something like this :D I might give it a try next time I go to Etude house store cause I have long time acne scars here and there and it's annoying. Thank you for this review, Sonya :)


  2. We're prepared to look pastt its cons if it helps with scarring! sounds like an interesting product!


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  4. I just purchased this product & would like to ask you for some advice.Thank you.

    1) Do you apply red spot balm on active acne or dried out acne or past scars of previous acne?

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