Sunday, May 12, 2013

NOTD- Another Gradient

 Hello everyone! Long time no nail post. Lately, I just have not been doing my nails. It's just been a plain, coral color polish for the past three weeks. So yesterday, I wanted something fun and bold. The only polishes I have at the moment were nudes and glitter polishes. So I used a slightly glittery nude polish underneath, and used a chunky gold glitter polish to make this gradient effect. You can do this by just dabbing a blob of nail polish with a makeup sponge, a bundled up ball of saran wrap, or a q-tip.

You guys will have to excuse my gross cuticles, it's still pretty cold here and it's not kind to my hands.

My awkwardly long hands

This did get a little messy and I had a lot of glitter on the side of my fingers, but that's not something I care about. See you next time! XD


  1. So lovely! I'm still trying to master this technique haha only got it down once so far!


  2. Pretty glittery colours!! :D haha, I totally have a thing for gradient nails!!

    :P and I always get excess polish on my skin. I used to wipe it with polish remover as soon as I make any mistakes, but then would often smudge and risk messing up the rest of my nails. Now, I just wait till it dries completely and then take a hot steamy shower or just use Qtips with a bit of polish remover to dab away the excess :D