Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013 Favorites

Another month, another favorites post. I didn't do one for February because I didn't try any new products that month. This month I spent the money I was saving up and got quite a few things I liked.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner. This is probably the best eyeliner I've tried so far. I'm glad I lost my old one and had to get a new one. Definately going to repurchase this when it runs out.

I got the Maybelline New York Mega Plush mascara on a whim, like everything else I buy. It really does add volume to my lashes and makes them look thicker than they really are.

I've already raved about the Skin79 BB Cream. I did a whole post about it. Can't wait for more to come in the mail!

My mom got this L'Occitane Honey Miel and Lemon Citron Delightful Cream for her birthday last year, but she gave it to me because she didn't like the smell. I admit, I wouldn't cough up a lot of money for something that smells like this. What it does do though is get deep down into your skin and gives it a lot of moisture. Winter is always rough on my hands, legs, and arms and this gives them life again.

Cowlick is going a little crazy
I've been loving curly/wavy hair lately. It's probably because I keep thinking of the beach and summer. This picture has already been posted, but I didn't have another one to show you. 

I can't stop painting ever since I got water color pencils. Art has always been an outlet for me and I'm glad to have it back again. There's nothing like a new medium to get you inspired.

I finished two k-dramas this month, Heartstrings and You're Beautiful. They both have Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa in them. They are so cute together! I wish I had the guts to chop off all my hair to get Park Shin Hye's cute curly bob like she had in Heartstrings.  I was addicted, they were the highlight of my month. Currently, I'm forcing my friends to watch them. So good you guys!

That's all for this month. What have you been loving in March?


  1. Cute blog!
    Would love if you could check out mine <3

  2. I nominated u for versatile blogger award, here :)

  3. Oh wow you should share your water colour paintings :)
    The L'Occitane cream looks tempting.

    Keep posting!

  4. I think I have a mega plush lying around and can't wait to give it a try too! :)

  5. I agree, both are very great Kdramas!
    If it's okay, a great drama I suggest you should watch is, "Flower Boy Next Door" which also has Park Shin Hye! I got pretty addicted too :p

    1. That's so weird, because I just started that drama this morning!

  6. great dramas! i never gotten around to finishing heartstrings though! :(
    would you repurchase the maybelline mascara?

    xo; L&M

    1. Yes, I would. But I haven't had the chance to try some of the other Maybelline mascaras.

  7. Much love,
    "You have a cool blog!

  8. I've watched those two kdramas too! If you like Park ShinHye make sure to watch "Flower Boy Next Door" She has long hair there though and a totally different personality too! :) I have tried the Skin79 hotpink as well but I think Skin79 Prestige is better.

    1. I'm watching Flower Boy Next Door now, but school has kind of gotten in the way. I liked the Prestige one ,too. I just haven't had the chance to get it yet.