Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meet My Little Friend

Hello everyone! Last summer, I got this ear cuff at the Renaissance Festival with my sister. I thought he was adorable and just had to get him. I always think of the movie Aquamarine when I wear this because the mermaid in it puts starfish on her ears and they talk to her. My frog sadly does not talk to me, but he is a good decoration!

When I'm concentrating in school, I tuck my hair behind my ear without noticing. This little guy adds a little something to go along with any earings I decide to wear that day. It's just so dainty and simple which makes it easy to wear on a regular basis. As you might be able to tell, he is fading a bit. That is due to constant use over the past year, and he's still alive! I thought that the arms would have broken off by now because I have to stretch it out and tighten it whenever I put it on.

Sorry I couldn't give you guys a link to get this specific ear cuff. Like I said, I got this one at the Renaissance Festival from one of the vendors there. I did get a lizard one, too, but he is MIA. He's probably laying around on the floor at my dad's. 

What do you guys think? I'm thinking about getting different animals online. Which one should I get next?


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  2. that's a lovely piece;)X

  3. hi, i'm your new reader :)
    what a cute ear cuff that you have! anyway i like one of your posts about the k-dramas. i'm quite a big fan of korean as well as japanese dramas and i'd really think that most of their actresses are so adorable like a doll kind of thing...
    anyway, feel free to check out my new blog and hope we can be friends ;)

    1. I know right? They're so cute, it's not fair. And thanks for the follow!


  4. That is really cute and perfect for spring/summer!

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  5. Oh my gosh this is such a cute friend:D I love your ear cuff and I want it as well:)

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