Monday, March 18, 2013

Collective Spring Break Haul+ Update

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, it's not by choice, trust me. As you might be able to tell,
I've been on spring break. I didn't really have any plans except a few get-togethers with friends. But then my older sister came home for a surprise visit! She lives on the East coast and I live in the Northern part of the Midwest. So, I've been busy hanging out with her. The other reason is because the adapter to my laptop broke and there's no way I can charge it. My poor laptop has been sitting there dead for days. :( But now I'm on my dad's home computer.

Here's mostly what I got, but there still is more. The best thing was probably the fake leather jacket. I went to the mall with my friends and we found that Vanity had really cheap jackets in the clearance section. This one is cropped the sleeves can be rolled up, and it was only $8!!
And of course, I can't leave the mall without going to Barnes and Noble to get a book. This is actually a book I've already read but did not own. If you are into hard-core fantasy books with wizards and evil spirits, this is the book for you.

This ring is from H&M. I've been into big rings lately but I didn't have a gold one, but now I do.

I ordered this kit of Skin79 BB Creams from Amazon. I've heard that Asian BB Creams are ten times better than the American ones. The price wasn't all that bad either, only $10 with shipping. They are perfect if you want to try the different kinds or if you are traveling.  It comes with the pink, gold, prestige, and pearl diamond labels. You might see a product review on these.

My sisters and I went on a spontaneous trip to the Mall of America to check out the new Forever 21 that has two levels. This ring instantly caught my eye because it kind of looks like what a knight will propose with to his girlfriend. I'm not sure if this is the way to wear it, but that's just what I think looks best.

More nail polish, yay! Also from Forever 21.

Got this in a trip to Walgreens with my mom. My dark spots have been so frustrating. At this point, I'll try anything. Hopefully this will help.

Watercolor pencils have been on my to-buy list for so long but I've never had the time to go to the craft store since the closest one is 30 minutes away. But my sisters and I had just happen to be in that part of town and we decided to go in. After using them for a while, I really do like them and I might think about getting some that are better quality since these are the cheapo version.

So whenever my older sister is in town, all the sisters (there are three of us) go out for sushi. My younger sister is a little shy at eating new sea foods, so we could only get the safe sushi like the shrimp tempura and the cucumber avocado.

Got some chicken hibachi

Chicken wings

And fried tofu. 

We did have Japanese onion soup too, but I didn't get a picture of that. 

My friends should have never shown my Korean dramas, because I get addicted. My new show that I've been watching is Heartstrings. 

After my sister left, I did get some time to relax and just lounge around the house. That sadly ended when I dropped a bottle onto my foot and broke my toe the day before I had to go back to school. My pain tolerance is pretty high so it doesn't hurt much, but it's still a huge inconvenience. Despite all that, it was a pretty good spring break.

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