Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review: Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars

Hello everyone! It's been a while! I decided to take a break from blogging to collect inspiration and focus on my studies for two weeks. But, finals are over and I can get back into the swing of things! It was my birthday recently and I got a gift card to amazon so I decided to get something that I've always wanted but never just buckled down and ordered it. And that was the Tonymoly Petite Buuny Gloss Bars! They are so dreaming cute! I mean, the different shades have a different face, and it has ears. Tonymoly gets an A+ for packaging.

If you're looking I to getting these, don't expect bright color right away. The swatches that I show are very concentrated but I built it up to show the color. I really like the formula because some days, I don't really want a ton of color on my lips. These shades are bright, but they are so easy and they brighten up the face. I like to wear these when I'm having a lazy makeup day and need something to perk up my complexion. And since they are more on the sheer side, they fade very gracefully and if you apply enough, it will leave a slight stain. They don't have a strong scent, so no worries there. The shades I got were #6 Juicy Orange (left) and #4 Juicy Cherry (right). Even though it's winter, I will still rock a bright orange or pink lip, I don't really care about that sort of thing. So if you're into these kinds of colors, I would definitely suggest these.

I'm looking forward to getting more shades! Let me know your favorite Korean lip products, because I'm planning on ordering more. See you next time! XD


  1. I was thinking about getting these because I love how they make your lips look like jelly! But I don't really wear bright colors anyways... Actually, the orange one would be the only one I'd try, and thanks for the review! Pushing me closer to getting it, hehe.

    1. They are sheer so you don't have to wear it as bright as I do, haha. And you should definitely try them! They have some more natural shades, too. ;D

  2. I think I really like the cherry color!

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