Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Product Review: Etude House Pomegranate Mask

Hello face mask lovers! It's been about a week since I posted something. Sorry about that, I took a break to rejuvenate creative juices and to save up some money for future product reviews. You guys know what it's like. If I don't get a break every once in a while, you readers don't get the best reviews. No one wants to waist their time on reading a crappy review. Am I right?

Anyway, I got some face masks from Etude House a while back but I'm saving them for back-to school-stress relief. Since I have very little self control, I had to use one. But you're here for a review and to see me in an almost serial killer looking mask, let's stop blabbering and get started!

The back says that it's a "Essence mask contains pomegranate additives that nourish for a healthy complexion." To me, this says that it's supposed to be a basic sheet mask that isn't for anything in particular except nourishing and hydrating your skin when you feel like pampering yourself.

For most sheet masks, you are suppose to keep it on for at least 20 minutes. I know a lot of people who keep them on for a lot longer than that. I kept mine on for about an hour and a half. 

As for the serum, it really did moisturize my skin without it being heavy. My skin wasn't greasy afterwords but it was a tiny bit sticky, but nothing uncomfortable. After a while, it went away and I was left with hydrated skin.
The mask fit my face nicely. There was no extra parts that were loose like some masks do. Wearing it was very comfortable except that the eye holes were too small for my bug eyes and the nose part barely fit my nose. 

Sheet masks are usually really cheap, and this one was no exception. I'm not sure how much one mask is because I got this in a set. And since Etude House stores are half way across the Earth from where I live, I had to buy this online and pay for shipping. 

-Fits nicely

-Not available in US
-Tiny bit sticky

Would I buy this again? Probably not this one since it only nourishes my skin and doesn't do anything specific like help even out my skin tone or anything like that. But I did like the moisturizing effect and the mask, but I would like a little more. Honestly, there's not a lot to say about this mask. The packaging is adorable, though.


  1. Oh, that must suck for it to be a little sticky. Sadly, I already bought this mask. I agree though, the packaging it adorable!

    prettyandcute actually sells Etude House, Lioele, etc. That's where I get all of my masks and cosmetics since it's in the US so I don't have to wait so long.

    1. It's not really bad, just a tiny bit. And thanks foe the tip!

  2. This mask looks amazing, I love how it's pomegranate (:
    Fashion Ganache.

  3. I haven't tried any sheet masks but I have used those regular masks that your spread onto your face. I should give some sheet masks a go =)

    1. I really suggest it! Especially when your skin is feeling dry or you need to pamper yourself. ^_^