Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So. . . I made a twitter! ^-^

Hello everyone! I just wanted to announce that I made a twitter so I can keep in touch with you guys in between posts. If you have a twitter, leave your link below so I can follow you! So far, I only have 2 strangers following me and no profile picture (I'm gonna take one tomorrow). Here's the link  I already followed a lot of bloggers and youtubers but I know I'm still missing a lot!

P.S. I'm going to have a new review up soon, maybe in the next couple days? Maybe sooner? Anyway, let's follow each other on twitter! See you there! XD


  1. Welcome to Twitter! xD Here's mine:

    Can't wait for the new review. :3

  2. Yay, welcome to Twitter! It's totally addicting, seriously. *_* (I find myself checking twitter at 4am... every day.)

  3. Wahooo welcome to twitter :D
    Fashion Ganache.