Sunday, June 16, 2013

Update: Minnesota and South Dakota Adventures Part 1

Hello cuties! I feel so bad that I neglected posting for a while. Maybe this post will clear some things up. I went to South Dakota with my family and there wasn't wifi where I could update regularly. Since there's nothing beauty related, I thought you would like some pictures.


 My friend and I went on a few hikes in our local county park and it was so picturesque that I had to take my camera with me. It's still rainy and stormy here so it makes everything all mossy and really green.

South Dakota

On to South Dakota! Our first stop that was actually blog-worthy was the Bad Lands. Now that I have been to some sort of desert twice (I went to Palm Springs a few years ago) I've realized that I prefer desert to forest. My dad disagrees with me, but how can you not like it? It was so pretty!

My descriptions aren't the best right now because I'm a little brain dead after the 13 hour drive back. I wrote this post as soon as I got home because I felt bad about leaving you guys for a while. :( Hopefully, I won't disappear again.


  1. Gorgeous photos! *A*
    It looks like you had a tiring but fun trip~ c:
    Can't wait for your posts after you rest up!

  2. beautiful pictures =)