Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sorry I'm a bad boy ;)

 Hello cuties! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! My family is planning a lot of road trips lately so there isn't much time to try out new products and blog about them. But, I just got home from a four hour drive (hence why I'm only wearing jeans and a t-shirt) and found a package at my doorstep. It turned out to be the hat I ordered from Amazon! Do you recognize it?

If you guys read my Liebster Awards, then you'd know that I love Big Bang and this hat is a replica of the one that G-Dragon wore in the Bad Boy music video. Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby are the songs that originally got me into kpop. I remember freaking out about my driver's test and the only thing that could calm my nerves were those two songs. And you know what, I passed on the first try! 

This could not have come at a more convenient time. My hair is in an awkward stage right now and it really needs to be cut. Plus, when I nap in the car, it looks a little flat on the side I was sleeping on. There's nothing a hat can't fix!

Speaking of kpop, have you guys seen the dance version of Wonder Boyz song Tarzan? I'm addicted to it! I wasn't amazed by the drama version, but the dance version got me hooked. I know Martina from Eat Your Kimchi loves it, too and I trust her judgement. ;)

If you guys want to know where to get it, the link is here. What do you think? See you later! XD


  1. Omg I'm so addicted to Tarzan hahahahahaha and I'm so happy cuz I played this today in the car and my two friends who are anti-anything that's not in English loved the song LOL. They said they want to dance to it. Aiiiiieeee it made me so happy! The Wonder Boyz look sooo fine in the dance vid. :D

    I have that hat too btw! It just makes me sad cuz the original artist got really mad when she saw the replicas (on her instagram) but it's like girl they've been out for like a year and you're just now noticing? Hahah. I love that this hat says something under the brim. I always get comments about it. =)

    1. They are soo cute! I showed it my friend yesterday and she loved it, but she is a kpop fan so she already heard of it. I play it in my car, too! I can't help but dance to it at a stop light. XD

      We match! She shouldn't have put her design in an internationally-famous music video if she didn't want people to use it, or at least get it copyrighted or something. Oh well! I haven't worn it out yet, I posted this right after I opened the package, but I love how it's like an inside joke between kpop lovers!