Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

 Hello lip junkies! So I'm back in school and I needed a no-fuss lipbalm to stuff into my purse. Who wants to be worried about makeup touch-ups when you're studying? The Maybelline Baby Lips seemed like a good choice to make since there is a ton of hype fluttering about them.

The packaging is pretty cute with the bubbly script and the clear cap. I like how they picked complementary colors. But it does seem a little cheap because the plastic isn't the best quality. I'm not complaining because for something that costs less than $3, I was expecting that. 

I only have a couple of the tinted ones, Peach Kiss and Cherry Me. There is a bright pink one, but I didn't think that suited my skin tone. There are some that have no pigmentation and come in different flavors if you don't want anything tinted.

The formula is super moisturizing and soaks into your lips really nicely. It does leave my lips hydrated for a while, but not the 8 hours that they claim. I say it's about 4-5 hours, which means I only have to reapply this once during the school day.

I like and then hate the Cherry Me shade because it has a nice, sheer color that you can build up. It's not a bright red that's great for everyday wear, even so that I let my little sister use it (she has no experience with makeup). But the smell! It has a strong cherry Kool-aid scent. I don't know about you, but I never liked the smell of those powdered drinks. It's just so artificial and candy-like it's a little overpowering. It didn't seem to faze my sister, but it's too strong for me.

As for the Peach Kiss, the swatch is not how it looks on the lips. I have naturally dark lips for some reason, and this shows up a slightly nude shade. It was a little let down because I thought it was going to be this pretty peachy-pink, but I actually like how it turned out. I've never tried a nude lip color before. It's just like my lips, just a little bit lighter. Pairing this with a more dramatic cat-eye draws more attention to my eyes. As for the scent, it's definitely not as strong as the Cherry Me. Of course, it has to smell like peaches, but it's very muted. 

-Build able
-Nice color
-Very hydrating
-Cute Packaging

-Strong smell (Cherry Me)
-Not very pigmented

Wow, I think I talked a lot about a couple of lip balms. To be honest, I'll be using Peach Kiss a lot more than Cherry Me as long as my slight tan stays. For the first time in years I have a little color and I'm going to use it for my advantage. Cherry Me is still okay, I'll probably use it more when fall is in full spring. 

Have you guys tried these lip balms? What did you think? Let me know!


  1. I have this in Cherry Me too! (So I wasn't the only one that noticed the smell.. xD) I didn't think it was amazing, so I have no clue what the whole hype is about.
    But thanks for the review! Loved it!

  2. when i go to store i always see this product but i never buy it..hahaha..i dont know why im not too interested, but after read your review I wanna buy peach kiss shade. The shade is perfect for fall <3

  3. I've been debating this one for ages...some people don't understand it...some people love it...but considering how cheap it is! I should really just check it out!
    I really like the red shade actually! Thanks for the review! :')

  4. i dont know why this never reached my country :( we have the other colors in a different packaging. thanks for the review! suddenly craving for kool aid drink lol