Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Product Review: Went 'N Wild Walking On Eggshells and Sweet as Candy Trio

Hey cuties! I've never been one to wear eyeshadow but I know that there is so much hype around the Wet 'N Wild eye shadows, and when I saw the price, what the heck? If I didn't like it, then it was only about $3 down the drain insead of $30. 
Walking on Eggshells

When I looked on the Wet 'N Wild website, I originally wanted the Sweet as Candy trio, but Walgreens was out of stock so I got the Walking on Eggshells insead. And let me tell you, I have no regrets. I feel like these colors are perfect for me because I'm one who hardly ever wears a smokey eye. I found that I get the right amount of color that I can wear to school without looking too heavy.

Okay, there's a story behind the the big crack in the top shadow. I went with my family to go get haircuts because I was promised to go to Walgreens (which is where I got this) while we were waiting. And you know, being a beauty blogger, I felt the urge to swatch the colors on my hand. But I dropped it! And now some of my eyeshadow is on the floor of Great Clips. :(

Anyway, back to the review. I absolutely love the fact that it has ingravings of where each color should go. And for beginners, it takes away all the guess work. 

Swatch time! I was surprised at the pigmentation for something that costs $3. Honestly, I've tried a lot of crappy eye shadows and that's probably why I haven't been interested in wearing any. But as you can see, the pigmentation is actually really good. There's a light, muted pink color, a brown crease color, and a shimmery champagne highlight. All the colors are similar with this brown-y hue that reminds me of a coffee shop. 

Sorry for the bad picture quality,  but here's how it looks on my eyes, without a primer. For me, it lasts until I get home from school (about 6 hours). I don't know if it lasts longer than that, because I like to take my makeup off right when I get home. 

Honestly, I'm not of a pink kind of girl. So I never thought I would actually like wearing pink eye shadow. But I think I changed my mind.

Sweet as Candy

I have no self control when it comes to makeup. I had to go back to Walgreens and get the Sweet as Candy trio. But, to justify it, they were having a sale and it was only $2. I mean, come on, I had to.

Honestly, I probably didn't need to buy this. It's basically the same thing as the Walking on Eggshells trio except the pink is a little bit darker and the colors aren't so similar. 

I'm still impressed with the pigmentation and wear of these eye shadows and I think that you can afford to buy a lot of these without breaking the bank.

-Super cheap!
-Long lasting

-A lot of fall out

Overall: Definitely going to get more when I have the urge for more eye shadows. But for now, I'm going to stick with just these two. Fall is coming so I'm eyeing some new lip colors. Is anyone else doing that? New seasons always make me want to go shopping.

On another note, I've been using my twitter a lot lately and I talk more about beauty related things, along with some other stuff. Also, Compare Hero wanted to reach out and say a little something about their infographic. So go and check it out if you want to.

Last side note, I promise. I just wanted to apologize in advance, I just got a new job so I'm still getting used to the extra stuff on my plate. So, if I'm a little late on posting, I sorry! This is also why I'm posting this review two days later than I planned. But, I have to go study. So see you next time! XD


  1. I'm also not the type to wear eyeshadows! But these look amazing and they're SOO cheap! That's awesome! It probably was made for you, it looks so natural. *o*

    Great review on these eyeshadows. And take your time with blogging, your readers will stay here. :)

    Oh, and you have really pretty eyes. ^^


  2. That seems to be a great product! Really really cheap <3

    It would be nice for a daily make up look!

    1. That was exactly what I was thinking when I bought them. ;)

  3. I've heard so many great things about these trios! I think i like the walk on eggshells better. And it looks really good on you!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog!