Saturday, April 19, 2014

Current Drugstore Picks!

Hello makeup junkies! So, I have this bad habit of going into Target after a hard day and just walk around. And of course, I end up picking up some makeup on the way out. I really need to retrain myself to work out after a bad day instead of shopping. It will save me and my wallet a whole lot of trouble. ;D Lately I've been loving a bronzey look because of spring. During winter, I didn't really dive into my eyeshadow collection, usually it was a winged eyeliner. But now I like to incorporate some color into my face and eyes and just some pretty, nude lips.

Do you guys remember my review on the Elf Blush and Contour Duo? Well, I've been reaching it more and more because it does have a teeny tiny bit of shimmer, and the blush is the perfect peach shade that really gives your skin a pretty glow. It's in the shade St. Lucia.

My Target was revamping the makeup section, so there were tons of sales on selected products and I got this Rimmel London quad for just $1.31! And it was the very last one in stock and it was the exact shade that I have been lusting after for a while. I got it in Afternoon Tea. The lighter two shades aren't that great, especially the matte light brown color. But the two darker shades are gorgeous. The color payoff is great and I really like the texture.

My Wet & Wild blush is one of my favorites right now. This one is in Pearlecent Pink, which is weird because it's a peachy coral shade. But, it's pretty, so who really cares? It's pigmented, easy to blend, and $3. What more can a girl ask for?

Oh, you guys, I fell in love with strong eyebrows. Why didn't I do this a long time ago? And cleaning up the edges was made so much easier with the NYX Wonder Pencil. Basically, it's a pencil that you can use for precise concealing. I use this around my eyebrows to make them look cleaner and sharper.

And lastly, some Maybelline lippies! These are some new products I've tried. The Color Whisper has a very light texture that's really hydrating, and the shade Mocha Muse is a perfect nude for me. But the Color Elixer Gloss is the real winner here. My shade is in Caramel Infused and it is the lip gloss version of my MAC lipstick in Shangai Spice, which is one of my most used lip products of all time. And paired together, they're a match made in heaven. 

These are my favorite drugstore products lately! I'm going to try not to go into Target for a while because I always buy too much! I need to stop. I'm lucky I don't live near a Sephora, I would be broke. See you next time!


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  2. Oh i love the look of that Maybelline quad - such pretty shades xx

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